Wildlife Habitat Council Certifies Titan Well Pad Project

By In News, Newsletters

In late 2023, Olympus’ Titan Well Pad was designated as Silver Certified by the Wildlife Habitat
Council (WHC), signifying leadership among the more than 600 WHC Conservation Certification
programs. Projects are given a Certified, Silver Certified or Gold Certified designation. This is
Olympus’ second project to be Certified Silver. In 2023, the Gaia Well Pad was Silver Certified
for its pollinator garden and wildlife habitat enhancement projects implemented in 2022.
Last year, the Olympus team focused on enhancing riparian habitat (the area that is the
transition from an aquatic area to the land) to support native species within the Titan Pad project
area, including the Eastern Box Turtle and Wood Turtle. Conservation efforts included planting
native and flowering shrubs, trees, and seeds in riparian and vernal pool areas (shallow
depressions that usually contain water for only part of the year), removing invasive species, and
constructing a turtle basking platform to provide shelter and thermoregulation for native turtles at
the onsite stormwater pond.
Olympus also worked to increase habitat, hunting grounds, nesting cavities, and perches for the
American Kestrel. This bird is the smallest and most common falcon in North America, and it
faces critical habitat loss in developing areas. Kestrel poles and boxes were built using
specifications from a wildlife expert, who performed a site visit to assess the habitat.
Olympus also continued to strengthen its partnership with two local Scouts Troops to build and install
bluebird and bat boxes, insect hotels and also educate the young leaders on biodiversity and
the importance of species conservation.