Acreage Position


At Olympus Energy, we responsibly and efficiently develop natural gas resources while serving as stewards of the communities where we operate. We strive to actively employ our core values daily, ensuring that we are the natural gas company that communities trust most. 


Olympus Energy has assembled a large contiguous acreage position in the Appalachian Basin. We currently operate in Allegheny and Westmoreland counties, with an acreage position that expands into Butler and Washington counties. Our position consists of approximately 100,000 net acres positioned in Southwestern Pennsylvania’s dry gas core.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical time-line for well pad activity?

Once all of the permits are acquired, well pad construction can take anywhere from 2 to 5 months based on the complexity of the pad site and access road. The drilling and completion timeline for new well activity is rather variable, due to either well count and/or multiple trips that may add wells to a pad. A typical Appalachian unconventional well takes approximately 15-25 days to drill and 15-30 days to complete.

How much space does a well pad take up and what will be visible to landowners?

Through technological advances, modern-day well pads can accommodate multiple wells to access thousands of acres from a single pad site. The average Olympus Energy well pad will take up approximately 4 acres, a relatively small amount of space given the amount of acreage that can be developed from a single surface location. Depending on terrain and the access road for the location, associated stormwater features may increase the total limit of disturbance to 10-15 acres. Visibility to landowners will be contingent upon the location of the well pad and the line of sight to the landowner. If the site is visible, individuals may see a sound barrier wall – if one is being utilized – and perhaps the top of the drilling rig when it is operational.

When will the flow of traffic pick up?

Various levels of road travel will be necessary during all phases of a well pad project (construction, drilling, and completion). Through all phases, Olympus Energy works hard to minimize the impact its operations will have on the flow of traffic.

Will the activities at the well pad cause loud sounds, if so when and for how long?

Olympus Energy follows all local ordinance requirements for noise levels that could be generated by the construction, drilling, and completion process at each site. The completion process at a well pad location is typically the loudest phase of development and typically lasts about 15 days per well. During the production phase, which is the longest phase of well site development, the site is rather quiet.

What conditions are considered emergencies at the well site and must be immediately reported to appropriate authorities?

Any instance that could or has compromised the safety of our employees or the public is considered an emergency and will be reported to the appropriate agencies immediately.

How will landowners learn of emergency or urgent situations?

Landowners have the option to be informed in the case of an emergency or urgent situation concerning any Olympus Energy activities via an alert text message and/or automated phone call. In the instance of an emergency, landowners within 1-mile of the wellsite in question will receive the alert text message and/or a phone call. To opt for these alerts, visit olympusalerts.com. Additionally, at times, local First Responders may be used as backup to communicate with landowners in an emergency situation.