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Responsibly Contributing to Pennsylvania’s Energy Legacy

Olympus Energy has emerged from Appalachia’s natural gas history as a proud partner in the industry’s effort to safely and efficiently develop clean, reliable domestic energy. We work together with our regulators and stakeholders to responsibly develop shale gas from the world’s most prolific natural gas basin while striving for operational excellence.

Predominantly located east of Greater Pittsburgh in Westmoreland and Allegheny counties, our operating footprint encompasses an area rich in energy history. We operate in an area where, just over 130 years ago, the world’s first commercial gas well was developed to fuel the bustling city of Pittsburgh.

Today, the natural gas produced by Olympus Energy has a multi-pronged impact on the economic stability of our region. This domestic energy source is positively impacting landowners through royalties and lease bonuses, assisting the preservation of local farms, strengthening estates, revitalizing local municipalities in which we operate, and attracting downstream manufacturing opportunities to the region. The growth of our business translates into the growth of our economy, and we’re proud to be a part of this legacy.

What Makes Us Different

At Olympus Energy, we acknowledge that our quest to develop Appalachia’s premier natural gas resources comes with a responsibility to serve as stewards of the communities where we operate.

Our lean, nimble team shares a passion for innovation and evolution. We know that progress is hinged upon improving the results of yesterday, and we apply this principle not only to our operations, but to our stewardship efforts and relationships with stakeholders.

We prioritize the safety and wellbeing of our shared environment and work hard to form local partnerships that promote education, public safety, and environmental protection.

We endeavor to be the basin’s operator of choice: a company that not only coexists with our region’s communities but strives to make them better through our role as a loyal community partner and economic catalyst.


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