At Olympus Energy, we responsibly develop our region’s vast natural gas resources while serving as stewards of the communities where we operate. We prioritize the environment and public health and safety, while continuously striving for operational excellence.  We are committed to maintaining a safe, clean, and compliant work environment not only for our employees and contractors, but for our neighbors and future generations of our community. We recognize and welcome our responsibility to serve our stakeholders and dutifully act with integrity in all facets of our business.

Olympus Energy is committed to Safe, Clean, and Compliant Operations by Every Person, during completion of Every Task, Every Day. We demand the same commitment from every employee, every contractor, and every vendor that is involved in our operations.

To view Olympus Energy’s public documents, please visit the PA DEP Office of Oil & Gas Management.

Stop Work Authority 

  • At Olympus Energy, all employees and contractors have the right and the responsibility to intervene and stop work if concerns or questions are raised regarding health, safety, or the environment. If an unsafe act or condition is identified, the activity should be stopped immediately, and the Olympus Energy Representative should be contacted as soon as possible. Retribution or intimidation directed at any individual exercising their rights to stop work will not be tolerated. Olympus Energy recognizes and celebrates every employee and contractor that exercises this authority.

Pipeline Safety

  • Although pipelines are the safest and most efficient way to transport natural gas, it is critical that we maintain our pipelines properly and educate the public about identifying leaks and preventing pipeline damage.
  • Through public awareness communication programs, Olympus Energy and its midstream subsidiary, Hyperion Midstream, seeks to raise awareness of our neighbors and other key stakeholders to the presence of our pipelines and facilities. We aim to increase the understanding of the role of pipelines in transporting energy.  A more informed public along pipeline routes will supplement Olympus Energy’s pipeline safety measures and continue to reduce the likelihood of emergencies.
  • Olympus Energy ensures its underground assets are recorded and marked accurately through Pennsylvania’s One-Call system, which aims to reduce risks to pubic health and safety by marking buried utility lines prior to the start of construction projects. 

  • If you strike one of our pipelines or facilities, you should stop and immediately contact the Olympus Energy 24-hour hotline at 412-357-4100. If there is a release of gas, call 911.

Reducing Emissions 

  • Olympus Energy believes that the natural gas industry has and will continue to play a leading role in reducing emissions and addressing climate change. We are a proud participant in the Environmental Partnership, which is comprised of companies in the U.S. oil and natural gas industry committed to continuously improving the industry’s environmental performance. Collectively, the Partnership believes that addressing environmental impacts is an important component of securing America’s long-term energy future. Our initial focus is on solutions that are technically feasible, commercially proven and will result in significant emissions reductions. Together with our peers, we participate in a collaborative forum where we analyze best practices and technological breakthroughs in order to help improve our understanding of emissions and how best to reduce them.