Land Leasing

We have an experienced and dedicated team of Land professionals that are focused exclusively on supporting our field operations while working with landowners to ensure all questions and concerns are addressed. This team acquires mineral rights, surface properties, and rights of way. If you are interested in selling or leasing your minerals (natural gas, oil) and/or surface properties to Olympus Energy, please contact us and provide your parcel ID number, address, and appropriate contact information.

Landowner Compensation

Leasing Bonus

A bonus payment is a one-time payment made to lessors whose ownership is confirmed by our legal title search. Bonus payments are typically issued approximately three months after lease signing.

Royalty Checks

Olympus Energy pays royalties to landowners whose parcels are leased and in production. Payments are generally issued 60 days following the end of the production month. Checks are generated monthly for accounts totaling $100 or more. Checks are issued annually in October for accounts totaling less than $100.

Surface Leasing, Purchases, and Right-of-Way Agreements

In certain instances, Olympus Energy will lease or buy surface properties for the development of well pad sites, facilities, and pipeline projects. We work closely with our landowners to minimize disruptions and impacts to their properties and ensure they are appropriately compensated. Payment for these agreements caries from project to project and is dictated by the executed contract.

Temporarily Withheld Payment

Olympus Energy occasionally has temporarily withheld payments when we receive change notices for ownership, such as a notice of death, change of address, transfer of property, assignment of interest, or legal dispute. In these instances, payments are accrued and released once all necessary documentation has been completed.

Landowner Portal

Landowners who are actively receiving royalties can access online copies of their check stubs and payment details via EnergyLink

Although not required, registering for an EnergyLink account will allow landowners to have revenue details emailed to them when new payments post to their account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my address?

All address changes must be submitted in writing. Please complete our Change of Address Form and have all persons listed on the account sign and date.


Return the form to:
Olympus Energy
Attn: Land Administration
PO Box 361
Canonsburg, PA 15317

How much are my revenue payments going to be?

Revenue check amounts will vary as the production volumes and prices for production sold vary. Your revenue statement will provide important details explaining your payment.

What does my check represent and why am I being paid?

The payment type you are receiving is identified on your revenue statement. Please keep in mind that all payment types are dictated by the terms of your oil and gas lease.

What do I need to submit for an ownership change?

Please refer to our Ownership Changes Form for further instruction.

Can I set up direct deposit?

Please contact Olympus Energy at 1-877-808-4811 or for further instructions.

After turning in my Direct Deposit Authorization Form, how long do I have to wait before I begin receiving my distributions by Direct Deposit?

Olympus Energy will process each request as soon as possible in the order received. In the normal course of business, please allow 90 days for the first electronic distribution to begin.

Who do I contact with additional questions regarding my decimal interest and/or revenue payment?

Please contact our Division Order Team at or call 1-877-808-4811. Remember to include all your pertinent contact information and owner number, which can be found on your division order and/or check.

Who should I contact concerning questions about my lease?

Please submit an online inquiry via our Contact Form. Remember to include all your pertinent contact information, including parcel ID.

When can I expect to receive my Form 1099?

The Form 1099 is mailed by January 31 of each year. If you have not received your Form 1099 by February 15, please contact us.

Questions about your Form 1099?

Please submit an online inquiry via our Contact Form. Remember to include all of your pertinent contact information.

Can I access my royalty statement online?

Yes, please visit the Olympus Energy Oildex portal at to set up an account for online statements. Please contact with questions about the portal.

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